Friday, January 20, 2012

Birthday Boy Card

Made one more card tonight as well!

Butterfly Card

I'm doing to get some more card's made up before I go in to the hospital Wed because I will be done for about a week the doctor says so I wont be in no mood to do anything =(

So I made this butterfly card and I like some what of it but I just feel like it's messing something but just don't know what maybe it will come to mind

Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Card's

Hello Crafter's!

I sat down this evening why dinner was making and I started working on my Valentine's Day card's and I only gotten 2 made up and I made these for my daughters 2-teacher's. I think they came out looking cute if I have to say so myself =)

I wont bored you with alot but I will bored you with the picture's =)

Yay! Doing a happy dance :-)

Yay! I gotten one of my new cricut cartridge in the mail today *doing a happy dance* I can't wait to play :-) really I need to start working on my V-Day card's so I can get them in the mail in time :-)

The cricut cartridge I gotten today is called *Paisley Cachemire* it has some really cute picture's on it to make. So keep checking back to find out what I came up with for my V-Day card's!!

Happy Crafting!

New Friend's Friday!

Over on Still On The Verge they are doing a *New Friend's Friday* so stop on over at there blog & get new friend's & add there button as well. I did so should you :-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Post!

I so redid this blog & so hope to stay on top of it of all the thing's I make for any sewing to any craft's to card making to redoing something :)

Now I'm just waiting for hubby to build me my *OWN* craft room :-) I know it will happen in time but I need my own place to sit down and do my craft's and where I can just get up and walk away from the mess I have made :-) and don't have to clean it up only when I want Guess the mean time it will be working in the floor to the kitchen table.

So if you came a crossed my page here feel free to add your self because I would love to go and read other people's blogs (my past and it never hurts to make new friend's to :-)

If there is anything you would like to know or ask me feel free to do so!!

Happy Crafting!!