Friday, April 27, 2012

Chair Cover's Redone

Hello There ;-)

When I first moved in to my scrap room (used to be step-sons room)I needed a chair well I took one from outside that my mom and gave us along time ago well I liked how the chair seat but just didn't like the covers's so I have been thinking how to go about recovering the seats and last night I got to think I'm doing my scrap room in pink/white/brown so I gotten to looking through my stuff my mom has giving me and I found some pink/white line covers's so I got the sewing stuff out and started sewing me new covers's now the only thing I need to do is paint my chair I do plan to do that very I'm thinking about painting the chair white but when I get that done I will get picture's as well and share but until now here is the before and after picture's of my covers's.

And the best part of it all so far has cost me (FREE)until I go and buy the paint but that will only be like $2.00 so not bad at all.



Until next time take care!