Monday, April 30, 2012

Dog Bed Pillow!

Hello There ;-)

Wow 2nd post in one day ;-) I got to love myself for just

I'm SO glad my 4-legged kid's (I mean my dog's) they don't care what there bed cover's or pillow's look I made them a new bed pillow since there is getting old yes I have 4-dog's 1-big dog and 2-small dog's so it was time for a new pillow but I just can't see paying high price for a dog pillow that I can make myself (or try to make it) but I did make to big pillow's since our 2-small dog's share a cage they didn't need 2 in there cage so one big one worked. So I wanted to share what I tryed to

The big pillow alone (Just pic of one pillow)

One of my small dog's trying out her new pillow I think she likes

Until then take care!