Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Father's Day Card

I started working on my Father's Day card's this evening and I only gotten one done :-( I do plan to work on more since I only have 2 more to make. This card I made it for my Father-in-law and since all the men in my life they loving fishing so this came to mind and as I was working on it, it started coming more to my mind how I want it all to lay out!

My daughter told me that the fish looks to much like a girl yeah that is what I wanted it to look silly girl

Here is a picture

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2nd hand store find's

Hello There ;-)

I have some more 2nd hand store finds to share with you all!! My mom have told me about this new 2nd hand store that she seen that they put in at a town over from me so me & my daughter went and checked it out for the first time and I found this stand (what I have been looking for) for only $9.99 and this small little flower pot that was $0.49 (but gotten it for FREE) the lady told me I can just have hey I like FREE

So then off to the Dollar Tree me and my daughter went and I found these CUTE basket's for only $1.00 I'm all about cheap & FREE and then I seen they started carrying ribbon look at all this CUTE ribbon I found for $1.00 each I had to get everyone they

So I did some moving around in my craft room and this is how I did the stand but I do plan to sand it down and repaint it white or a pink don't know yet!

The FREE flower pot

The stand

Basket's & Ribbon

Stand after gotten it moved in
Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good-Will Find

Hello There ;-)

Today my family & I did some running around doing a little bit of shopping and see I like going to the Good-Will so I had hubby stop by there and the first thing I found was this cute pink basket and I had to get it because for one it was only $1.00 and it was pink (my fave color) and it would match my window cover's and lamp shade and it would work great on my table next to my computer to hold pen's so I had to get it and I wasn't going to pass this cute basket up for $1.00 and it match's the thing's in my scrap room.

And why we was there I found the SAME stand that I posted a picture of under this post they wanted $10.00 for it but I think I got a good deal from the yard sale for $1.00 on the same stand. So I passed that $10.00 same stand up ;-) I'm all about trying to get a good deal ;-)

So here is the picture of my find from the Good-Will

Friday, May 4, 2012

Handmade Window Cover's & Yard Sale Find

Hello There ;-)

Let me start of sharing my Handmade window cover's I sewed ;-) as I'm still trying to move in to my scraproom (that used to be step-sons room)I wanted new window cover's so I made me some and let me say I'm not good at sewing but I'm learning as I go along ;-) so here is some picture's.



I'm the type that don't like going to any yard sale I don't know why but I know you can find some good thing's at them but today hubby & I was out in town doing some thing's and we passed a yard sale well something was just calling my name so I talked hubby in to going to it and I did find what was calling my name this stand and they was only asking $1.00 for it and it was wood so I can to get it and I got it home and was trying to think what was I going to do with it so I took a nap on it thinking and this is what I woke up to doing with it ;-)

I need to clean it up and thinking about painting but don't know yet about the painting but I cut up a old mail shipping box and made me some shelf's for it and I put my thing's on it and I do plan to put scrapbooking paper on the box's to cover them up and I need to cut more out as well.

Here is the picture's of the shelf

Until next time take care!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Calendar Book

Hello There ;-)

As I was looking on pinterest for some *FREE* print outs for calendar's so I can start working on my new calendar book since my daughter's school has already sent home the next school year date's (I like to keep up with thing's) so I came up on this site from pinterest and they have the CUTE print out page's & more (I will share the link at the bottom of my page.)

So here is what I started out with making my calendar book and I already had the book and page cover's so it didn't cost me anything. They have cover's as well to match the calendar's but I didn't print them up just yet since I started getting low on ink :-( but I do plan to print them up as well and I'm waiting for the 2013 calendar's to be put up so I can start working on them as well...This is a great idea to do and it's cute to keep all your date's in..

Front of my book

Inside my book

The thing's I used to make my book

Scrapbook paper
White binder
Page cover's

The website I used to get my prints from