Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2nd hand store find's

Hello There ;-)

I have some more 2nd hand store finds to share with you all!! My mom have told me about this new 2nd hand store that she seen that they put in at a town over from me so me & my daughter went and checked it out for the first time and I found this stand (what I have been looking for) for only $9.99 and this small little flower pot that was $0.49 (but gotten it for FREE) the lady told me I can just have it..lol hey I like FREE stuff...lol

So then off to the Dollar Tree me and my daughter went and I found these CUTE basket's for only $1.00 I'm all about cheap & FREE and then I seen they started carrying ribbon look at all this CUTE ribbon I found for $1.00 each I had to get everyone they had..lol

So I did some moving around in my craft room and this is how I did the stand but I do plan to sand it down and repaint it white or a pink don't know yet!

The FREE flower pot

The stand

Basket's & Ribbon

Stand after gotten it moved in