Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Calendar Book

Hello There ;-)

As I was looking on pinterest for some *FREE* print outs for calendar's so I can start working on my new calendar book since my daughter's school has already sent home the next school year date's (I like to keep up with thing's) so I came up on this site from pinterest and they have the CUTE print out page's & more (I will share the link at the bottom of my page.)

So here is what I started out with making my calendar book and I already had the book and page cover's so it didn't cost me anything. They have cover's as well to match the calendar's but I didn't print them up just yet since I started getting low on ink :-( but I do plan to print them up as well and I'm waiting for the 2013 calendar's to be put up so I can start working on them as well...This is a great idea to do and it's cute to keep all your date's in..

Front of my book

Inside my book

The thing's I used to make my book

Scrapbook paper
White binder
Page cover's

The website I used to get my prints from