Friday, May 4, 2012

Handmade Window Cover's & Yard Sale Find

Hello There ;-)

Let me start of sharing my Handmade window cover's I sewed ;-) as I'm still trying to move in to my scraproom (that used to be step-sons room)I wanted new window cover's so I made me some and let me say I'm not good at sewing but I'm learning as I go along ;-) so here is some picture's.



I'm the type that don't like going to any yard sale I don't know why but I know you can find some good thing's at them but today hubby & I was out in town doing some thing's and we passed a yard sale well something was just calling my name so I talked hubby in to going to it and I did find what was calling my name this stand and they was only asking $1.00 for it and it was wood so I can to get it and I got it home and was trying to think what was I going to do with it so I took a nap on it thinking and this is what I woke up to doing with it ;-)

I need to clean it up and thinking about painting but don't know yet about the painting but I cut up a old mail shipping box and made me some shelf's for it and I put my thing's on it and I do plan to put scrapbooking paper on the box's to cover them up and I need to cut more out as well.

Here is the picture's of the shelf

Until next time take care!



Kyra said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG. I am so glad I clicked to your other one on Kelly's Korner. Yay! I love crafty things like this.

Heather said...

Aww thank you for the commet! I love craft's and making thing's it's my down