Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Card I made before I knew about Cricut

Hello There :-)

As I was cleaning/moving my craft room around I came up on a card I had made before I even knew anything about Cricut or any of the new high type stuff today that is out on the market..I found few more as well but I throw them out because they wasn't anything to look at since this one I think is really good that I done without using all the new stuff I

And as I was cleaning I found somethings I don't even know why I even gotten them for so they will be going on eBay this weekend :-) I can't stand having stuff sitting around that is not being used for any

Next year hubby & I are going to put up me some new shelf's and make me a new table and clean out the closet that I'm going to make my sewing room (I'm not much a big sewer so if I have a little place for my sewing then I will be

So on to the card I was talking about!

Until next time take care!