Friday, October 19, 2012

Clear Stamps Binder

Hello There :-)

I don't know about you all but I sometimes forget what type of stamps I have :-/ so tonight I had a 3-ring binder I put to use *until I find something more better to use* I gotten all my clear stamps out and put them in the card type holder in this 3-ring binder and then I typed/printed up what was what and put them in the pocket's and then I put them like holiday/says and so on but now I think I need a bigger 3-ring binder but until the mean time this will have to work for me since now I can see what I have and they will get used alot so here is some picture's.

If you would like to share how you store your clear stamps feel free to added them to my blog in I would like to see them! I'm always up for new and better idea's..

Until next time take care!



Roxx.T Barnes said...

Good idea,I keep mine in a basket in the orginal cases.The little ones I put in cd cases and tapped front decal to case.

I also used to print out the Cricut Basic/Fondations of each cartridge I had and placed in a folder.I now have over 115 carts and couldn't keep up with my folder.I now have a list which I need to update in a Excel spreadsheet.This way when I shop online I can pull up instead of looking thru my carts.
You tube also has lots of videos on organizing your craftroom.Found your blog through Cricut message board.