Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dust Cover to Clip Board

Hello There ;-)

I have been looking for awhile now how to make a dust cover for my Sizzix Texture Boutique and I just haven't found anything how to make them so I put my mind to working trying to find out how and I learn how to do it and it's so easy to do and I'm new at sewing :-) so it may not be the best but hey less it does the job

I even sewed on a button and a piece of ribbon to make it like a little closer at the top and after I got to look at it I sewed the ribbon and button on the wrong side oh well it sill works for what I want it to me it looks like a little but it's still cute!

Here is a picture of my Sizzix cover on my Sizzix

And I even made myself a bigger pin holder so when I'm sewing I can just pull my pin's out and place them in this pin holder just something I made

Here is a picture of it

I had this photo frame just laying around and I didn't like the color so I painted it black and then I still didn't know what I wanted to do with it so it came to mind that I was going to make me a clip board where I can clip thing's on it and so I gotten some of my scrapbook paper our and ribbon and this is what I came up with now all I have to do is get me some small clothes pins to paint and then I will be

Here is a picture of the frame

I have few other thing's I started working on when I get done with them I will share them as well.

Until next time take care!

Heather ~


Chef Crafty said...

Great job on the frame! Love it! Check out my new blog