Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just a little NOTE

Hello There ;-)

I haven't been doing much in the craft room :-( I just haven't been in the mood to do anything but I did try the other night to make few card's but just didn't workout I was getting mad upset because not anything was working like I wanted it do so I just gave up and walked

But I have been working on a floor plan for my craft room, see my 18 year old step-son moved out from our house so I took over his bedroom and I have been talking with hubby what I would like to do to make thing's more easy for me to see/find and what type of shelf's I want to get and we have talked about after the holiday's we will get started *YAY* I'm so ready/happy all in one and I can't wait to before/after picture's to post..

I have been looking for idea's for a pre-teens birthday card I have found few idea's but don't know just yet about yeah our baby girl will be 12 next month I'm NOT ready!

Until next time take care!

Heather ~


Roxx.T Barnes said...

We have all had days like that. Time flys by so fast..doesn't it feel like it was just years ago when she was just a baby? My eldest daughter moved to Davenport Oklahoma 26yrs old...boy do I miss her.Pre-teen years aren't too's the acutal teen years that can be rough.