Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Craft-room Picutre over load

Hello There :-)

Well I guess it's time to take that next step and share my craft room, this room used to be my step-sons room but he has already moved out so I took over, it works for me but hubby & I will be making some new changes starting next year I will post picture's as we go with that :-) Hubby moved his laptop in here so when I'm crafting he sometimes comes in and hangs out with me on his computer so he gets a small part of my

The desk his laptop is on used to be in my daughters room but it's working out for him just now until we get him a new one or make him a new but here is with the picture's of my craft room as of now took these picture's today.

I painted my chair and added the black stuff to it and made me some covers as well but I'm going to make some news to since these are starting to come apart and I made the window covers as well.

Looking in from the door to the left

Still looking in from the door to hubbys small space of my craft

Standing by hubbys chair this is the left side wall, I keep my paper in the white box with the 3-draws the printer sits on top and some picture's my daughter has painted me that I hung up with a card she made me as well. (That lamp I redid and had it in my daughters room but she no longer wanted so I took it) my sewing is on the floor under the pink cover.

Looking at my table this is where I blog & craft at but we are going to make me a *L* type table so I can have more room to work and I made that frame hanging up I put the doll's my daughter made me on there.

The table that holds my Cricut & Sizzix but I do plan to repaint it I don't like that

My Cricut stuff and the card's I have made & waiting to be giving away

Until next time take care!



Ladybug said...

Hiya Heather

Thanks so much for posting your craft room link on my blog!!

Your craft room is awesome!! TFS! :-)