Saturday, November 3, 2012

Craft-room Update

Hello There :-)

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything, I have been busy in my craft-room to even thinking about making anything & to I was waiting on some picture's I had sent in to be printed up so I can get them scrap for my daughter's book & they have came in so I plan to try and work on them this coming week :-)

But I have been doing some changes in my craft-room I have been going through thing's and getting them ready to sell on ebay. But I did find 2- shelf's on a selling page of Facebook that was is for town's close by me and I was glad I found them, One is over 4 foot long and it took me and my hubby and daughter to hang this heavy thing. So here is the link to my first post of my craft room before I changed thing's around *My Craft-Room* now here is the picture update! But everything else is pretty much the same besides what you see in these picture's

Oh and I went to one of the close Wal-Mart's close by me after Halloween and I found all this stuff on sale under $10.00 is what I paid...

This is the shelf it to all of us to hang it's over 4foot long and heavy and only paid $20.00 for it, Top on the left holds my lose ribbon, small photo farm I put a piece of scrap booking paper in my daughters scrapbook and more ribbon that is on the spools.
Bottom shelf to the left card's I made and my daughter made me my all my cart's more card's I made
Hanging to the left my zig markers my sticker's ( forgot I had) my Cricut cutting mat and a can with not anything in it

This black stand I paid $20.00 for it to...Top a lamp I repainted and redid the top part to the black can's I found at the Good-Will I painted them black and put flower's on them one holds my hot glue gun and the other holds the hot glue sticks, Next shelf holds my Hello Kitty tin purse I have wood stamps in them. Next shelf holds my Glitter Glue, Next shelf holds my Chalk, Tools, Sizzix folders, Punch's, Next holds my Floss and other thing's, On the floor in the basket holds my ink pads.

I took my step-sons shelf down because it didn't go with my so I moved those over to my hubbys wall by his computer

Until next time take care!



Helen said...

man, my walmart doesn't have any of that stuff!