Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Farm Scrapbook Layout

Hello There :-)

I have a scrapbook layout 2-page's that I started working on last night, it started out I was going to make 2-page's for our small country farm that we live on. (Yes we live on a small farm and you can read more on that on my family's blog here Small Country Farm ) so on to the layout, I got to thinking I better make this a page with our 3-dog's as well since they live on the farm as well :-) and my daughter said I needed to add her hamster in this to..lol

So on one page you will find picture's of our 3-dog's & my daughters hamster and the girl is my daughter with the dog and the other is me with the pails..lol and on the other page (I got to get our chicken's & duck's picture's printed up) but they will be on that page where my hubby & step-son is..lol

I hand drew the dark green part it's post to be grass/land but it came out okay..lol I just used what paper's I had already so I didn't have to go and buy any.

Hamster (Mr. Hammy) Black dog (Tiny) Brown dog (Daisy) Black & White dog (Spot)

The thing's I used to make these page's

My Cricut

Country Life -
Guy - Cut at 5 3/4" found on page 33
Guy - Cut at 5" found on page 33
Girl - Cut at 5 3/4" found on page 35
Girl - Cut at 5" found on page 28
Chicken's - Cut at 2" found on page 43 & 44

Create a Critter -
Burn - Cut at 2" found on page 60
Flower's - Cut at 2 1/2" found on page 69
Grass - Cut at 1 1/2" found on page 44 & 45
Dirt - Cut at 2" found on page 44 (it was water but I stamped it to make it look like dirt)

Hello Kitty -
Cloud's - Cut at  3/4" & 1"  2 1/2" found on page 66
Sun - Cut at 1 3/4" found on page 36

Four Legged Friend's -
Dog 7 - Cut at 1 3/4"
Dog 8 - Cut at 2 3/4"
Dog House - Cut at 2 2/3"
Hamster - Cut at 2"
Dog Bone - Cut at 1"

I used glitter glue & white gel pen & ink pad's

Until next time take care!

Heather ~


Roxx.T Barnes said...

Cute idea Heather, & your daughter is right about includeing them on your scrapbood page. After all our pets are part of our family too.

Hope your Holidays were enjoyable.