Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm BACK!!

Hello There ;-)

I know it has been since Dec since I even posted on my blog :-( I took a break from scrapbooking/crafting for a while to get something cleared in my head and why I was away I had internet trouble as well *Thanks to Wild Blue* but I'm back and I'm back with picture's :-)

See my hubby was sharing my scraproom with me but he said I needed more space so he moved his laptop out so now I have the whole room to myself well let me clear that up I still share it with our daughters hamster..lol he only has his play pen in my room with me :-) so when I'm in there working he is playing & it's alot more easy to keep a eye on him since we have dog's and they don't know what to think of him so we keep a close eye om him...

So here is some updated picture's of my scraproom oh and the paper holder I picked that up at Hobby Lobby on SALE it was $49.99 marked down to $17.99 so I had to pick it up before someone else did..lol and I LOVE it.

I'm having trouble with them uploading so I will try later

Until next time take care!