Friday, January 18, 2013

Link Up At Three Scrappy Gals

Hello There ;-)

I forgotten to say that I had gotten a post on one of my post about putting my blog post of my scrap room up on this site and here is the blog *Three Scrappy Gals* and here is the post on there blog for the scrap room's *Click Here* it's a good way to see other people's scrap rooms and see how they store there thing's.

I'm number 4 on the link up post. I have been running idea's in my head to link up thing's but it may have to wait when I get more followers on my blog!

So stop on over to there blog and link up and see other people's blogs as well.

Until next time take care!



Teresa said...

Heather thanks so very much for posting about our challenge! I just put up a new post and extended the deadline. The challenge has been extended until next Sunday, Feb. 3rd!