Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Scraproom Picture's

Hello There :-)

I'm still having trouble with the uploading photo's so I had to go and upload them to a photo site so I hope this works for me ;-) wish me the

And I'm still needing to get a shelf but havn't found what I'm wanting yet and I'm waiting for some clear CD cases come in that I have order so I can start putting my clear stamps in so here is my scraproom now.

You can see the before here (click here)

Looking in from the door

Looking in from the door to your left, my computer (I'm going to put a new cover over the desk top this used to by my hubbys desk, then my daughters, then my hubbys now mine) the paper rack I gotten it from Hobby Lobby it was on sale from $49.99 to $17.99 so I had to get it! My Cricut on the green stand I'm going to repaint this Spring my Sizzix on my paper rack.

Standing by my computer looking to the right that chair I'm still need to put new cover's on it I used that chair at my table when hubby was sharing a room with me but now it's there for them to sit when they come in and see that tall black stand the pink baskets hold my Sizzix folders, glitter glue, Tools and chluk, easy sew ribbon, ink pads and on the brown stand it was a CD holder but I made it in to my small pack's of scrapbooking paper holder

My scraping table it has my lamp and my photo holders, my spin around thing and my cutting board and tape and a 12x12 scrapbook I need to get started on.

Standing by my scrap table yes (I have a hamster pin in my my daughter has a hamster so when he is out and not in his ball he goes in his pin and I can keep a close eye on him why the dog's are in the house....On the door that is somethings my daughter has made me. white shelf holds scrapbook's and my Cricut cart's and mates and ribbon 12x12 paper packs

The long shelf over my desk in the big basket it holds my punchs my sewing in the floor needs to be put on a shelf (when I get one) I don't know if you can see them or not but I put some dog's on the bottom of my white shelf and dog's and flowers on the top and now it don't look so

This lamp has been alot of color' but I painted it white and gotten this pink lamp cover so the other night it looked to plan so I put some bunnys and flowers around it and it's to cute now.

I hope these picture's work ;-) so keep checking back to see what else I have done/

Until next time take care!



Teresa said...

Your room is really cute Heather...I love the pink lampshade. Check out this new blog I just started with 2 other is a new challenge blog...the second half of this month's challenge is to show your scrapbook space. We would love to have you enter our challenge.

Until Later,

Heather said...

Teresa -

Thanks for stopping by my blog & I sure will stop by the link you left and put my link up!

Thanks Heather

Cropalcoholic!! said...

Your room is really nice! I can't believe you got such a good deal on that paper rack from Hobby Lobby. Great find. I am now a new follower. Feel free to check out my blog at and become a follower if you haven't already.

Good luck with your new room.


Heather said...

Thank you for stopping by! Yeah and that is the last one they had to.

Daphne/Scrapsofstuff said...

Your room is so cute! I love the lamp. My craft room is pink and white. The hamster pen is funny! Looks like something I would do. Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne Morentin said...

very cute and creative... love the hamster area... in my space i have our turtle... she watches me all day long... sometimes i get her opinion on my creations... LOL... but i do love the shelf with your cricut cartridges... awesome idea to put them there...