Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Milk Boxs

Hello There :-)

Well, the 1st month of the New Year is almost over :-( I hope this year don't fly by so fast like the other year's..Since next month is V-day I wanted to do something more fun for my family my hubby & daughter so I had these white little milk boxes laying around (don't even know where I gotten them) so I have had this idea running through my head to do something for them. (Wish I knew where to buy more of these because I can do so much with them)

So I pulled out my V-Day stamps and ink pads and floss and Punch's and this is what I came up with (just need to get some V-Day candy for them now.

The blue one is for my hubby & the pink one is for our daughter.

I will put these on there place mates in front of there chair's so they will get them when we sit down at dinner time for V-Day I still need to pick up few more thing's for them to go with these and I have already gotten there card's already made you can find them here (V-Day Card's) so don't forget to check back after V-Day to see what all I came up with for the people in my life that I call family :-)

Until next time take care!