Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Binder Cover

Hello There ;-)

Well, I took a break from making card's ;-) so I started working on my *Family's Binder* this is where I keep our daughter's school stuff, to bill's, and thing's that I think we need to keep. So I gotten my Cricut out and made a front cover and a side cover.

I used the Teddy Bear Parade (I so love those teddy bear's you can dress up them anyway you want) and I used Cherry Limeade for the font, There is 3-teddy bear's the first one is *Me and the Boy is my Hubby and the girl is our daughter* I'm in bed hubby is the farmer and our daughter is in the school clothes. I used my 2-heart Punch's and butterfly punch.

Until next time take care!



Ladybug said...

Heather, that is just tooooo sweet! Loved how you used the TBP cart! :-)