Sunday, August 4, 2013

Father's Day 2-page layout

Hello There :-)

Here is my last post for the day :-) I made this layout for Father's day pictures and sorry for the cover up picture's I don't like posting family picture's online :-) I have to find the link to share where I gotten this idea from...

Here is the picture's -

Th thing's I used to make this layout -

Create a Critter - Grass cut out at 1 1/8
From my Kitchen - P S cut out at  2" in, Sptula cut out at 2 1/2
Designer's Calendar - Photo frames (all sizes)
Cherry Limeade - Letter's cut out at 2"in, Chicken cut out at 3"
Everyday Paper Dolls - Grill and hat cut out at 3 1/2

Until next time take care!

Heather ~


Heather said...

Here is the blog link that I gotten the layout idea from..