Friday, November 14, 2014

Stamps are now in order!

Hello There :-)

Well, I have been talking to hubby about redoing my scrap-room next year :-) so I been trying to thing's all in order and my book started of everything I have in my scrap-room so it will so much easy next year to know what I have and don't have well, last night I started working on my clear stamps (all I have and will use) since I had them all over the place so I found out I had some that I had double's of so I was able to get the double's removed and started working on the front cover (so much easy to see what is in each case) and working on numbering the outside as well.

So here is how I started ordering my stamps last night and when I get my book done for my scrap-room I will show how I done that as well!

Where I keep all my stamps now

Starting with my Peachy Keen Stamps first

The front cover (wishing I keep all my cover's for all my stamps)

Inside of the case

Until next time take care!